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AdvanceMent Freiburg

Welcome to AdvanceMent Freiburg, the mentoring program for doctoral candidates and postdocs at the University of Freiburg!

We support young researchers in their personal and professional development and career planning. We create opportunities for professional orientation and to help participants successfully navigate their next career steps through reflection, feedback, networking, mutual support and further qualification.

Mentoring is a tried-and-tested instrument in many areas of the working world for accompanying the next generation of promising professionals on their career path through structured and individual support. In one-on-one mentoring, mentors provide their mentees with insights into the structures of their respective industry or institution, thereby opening up access to networks relevant to the profession. In this way, the mentees are personally supported in their further career planning and receive constructive feedback from their mentors. The exchange in the mentoring partnership is supplemented by collaboration in the peer groups and program-specific workshops with the mentees of the current AdvanceMent program.

AdvanceMent Freiburg is made up of two program tracks:


Interested? You can find more information on our homepage or by contacting us directly at:

The application period for the mentoring program 2022-23 is now closed. You can apply for the mentoring program 2023-24 next year. We will inform you in due time.