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The Program

Who is AdvanceMent Freiburg for?

The program is aimed at advanced doctoral candidates and early postdocs at the University of Freiburg who are either pursuing an academic career (@academia) or planning to pursue a non-academic career (@newpathways). Twelve places are available per program track.


Which program tracks are there?

There are two program tracks, each with twelve available spots:

@academia aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in academia.

@newpathways aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in industry and society.


How is AdvanceMent Freiburg structured?

AdvanceMent Freiburg consists of four main elements:


AdvanceMent Freiburg combines the classic one-on-one mentoring relationship between mentee and mentor with peer counseling in the peer group.

The mentoring partnership begins after matching and is limited to the duration of the program. At the end of the program term, the mentoring relationship is dissolved.

Each program line (@academia and @newpathways) is further divided into smaller peer groups based on professional goals and areas of expertise. The peer group meets in a self-organized manner approximately every 4-6 weeks over the course of the program to network and support each other. Each peer group determines its own working methods, topics, and goals.

The mentoring is supplemented by a mandatory supporting program. In addition, the AdvanceMent Freiburg guidelines provide support in shaping the mentoring relationship.



The program promotes networking among mentees and with other professionals within and outside the university through network meetings, informative events, and expert discussions with speakers from academia and business (e.g. career lounge, biography talk).



A workshop on career planning is a fixed component of both program tracks. Depending on the target group and program track, other workshops are also held, e.g. on the topics of leadership, resilience or job application training. More detailed information can be found in the schedule of the two program tracks.

Furthermore, workshops from the FRS qualification program for doctoral candidates and workshops from the GDaPE qualification program for postdocs can be attended if personally relevant (on topics such as time, project or conflict management, communication, publishing, etc.). Workshops from the qualification programs attended during the program can be included in the mentoring certificate.



Mentees benefit from a wide range of counseling services that are available in addition to mentoring to assist with orientation, decision-making, and skills development. These include:

  • accompanying advice from the program management
  • peer counseling within the peer groups
  • individual consulting services with coaches in the context of career planning workshops
  • possibility to participate in coaching (doctoral candidates, postdocs) and consulting services (doctoral candidates) offered by the FRS and the GDaPE.


What support do mentees receive in the mentoring process?

The one-on-one and peergroup mentoring is accompanied by a series of workshops that are designed to support the mentoring process. Following events are included:

  • introductory workshop
  • kick-off celebration
  • mid-term review
  • final review
  • ceremonial closing event with awarding of certificates

Furthermore, mentees can contact the program manager for support and advice, should any difficulties arise in the mentoring process.

Participation in the support program, the qualification workshops, and the final review for further development of the program is mandatory for mentees (see "What are the participation requirements?").


How long does the program last?

AdvanceMent has a duration of approximately 14 months per mentoring round. The program begins with the introductory workshop and ends with the certificate award ceremony. The matching phase can last for different lengths of time, which also results in mentoring relationships of different lengths (approx. 10 months on average).